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Since the California Common Core Standards came out, St. Leo the Great Catholic School has been incorporating them into the classroom. Social Studies and Physical Education are guided by the California Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, which came out in 2014, are being incorporated. The Diocesan Religion Outcomes drive the Religion instruction. 

Students receive instruction in Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education from different instructors. Project Cornerstone is a community building program that is brought into the classroom by parent volunteers who are trained in the program.

Mimio boards, iPads, Macbooks, and Chromebooks are used to run the technology program for the students. Google Drive is available for the students to use starting in 1st grade and students start learning how to use email starting in 4th grade. Students access their online programs under the guidance of the teacher.

The 5th grade students are part of a new 1:1 Macbook Air initiative where each student receives a Macbook Air and will be able to take it to and from school. There is also an iPad cart that is available to enhance the curriculum.


All students receive progress reports and report cards once a trimester. Students are assessed on the skills outlined on the Diocesan Report cards that are designated by a scale of 1-4, 4 meaning above grade level. Click here for more information on the Diocesan Report Card. Official Parent-Teacher Conferences occur in the first trimester and other conferences occur when the teacher or the parents deem them necessary.

Teachers post assignments and grades on PowerSchool and also hand back assignments so that parents are able to keep abreast of the status of their child’s progress.

All grades take a diagnostic assessment three times a year called STAR by Renaissance Learning. STAR is an adaptive test that the students take online. It is an additional tool for teachers to use to see where the students need additional help or where they need enrichment. STAR Assessments are for both Reading and Math and are required by the Diocese of San Jose.