The middle school staff have fully incorporated the California Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. For the social studies classes, the staff follows the California State Standards. Religion is taught by following the Diocesan Religion Outcomes. The students are taught by an energetic and passionate staff who have been instructed on the best teaching strategies.

Students receive instruction in Spanish, Graphic Design, Physical Education, and Art. All middle schoolers are part of a 1:1 Macbook Air initiative where they take their Macbook Air back and forth from school.


All grades take a diagnostic assessment three times a year called STAR by Renaissance Learning. STAR is an adaptive test that the students take online. It is an additional tool for teachers to use to see where the students need additional help or where they need enrichment. STAR Assessments are for both Reading and Math and are required by the Diocese of San Jose.

Progress Reports and Report Cards come out once a trimester. PowerSchool is the online grading system where teachers communicate progress. Every parent has an individual log in, and the students log in as well to keep abreast of their progress.