Letter from Our Principal


Dear Parents,
We would like to thank you for your interest in St. Leo the Great Catholic School. One of the most impactful decisions that you, as a parent, will make during your lifetime is choosing a school for your child. The education your child receives in elementary and middle school will form the foundation for your child to become a lifelong learner.
We are proud of the 100 plus year history of our school’s commitment to providing an outstanding academic foundation for our students, within a safe and caring environment. Additionally, we take pride in educating the full five components of human formation in a balanced manner, focused on nurturing the academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical education of each child in order to teach our student to become Christlike citizens.
More importantly, we want to partner with you so that together, as parents and educators, we instill our Catholic values in the next generation. Our faculty is devoted to each child’s development of interests and talents, and to building the necessary skills that will secure a successful experience in our learning community and beyond.
I look forward to personally meeting you and having the opportunity to show you, firsthand, all St. Leo the Great School has to offer.
Matt Komar
Matt Komar, Principal