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Saint Leo’s Preschool is a licensed program designed for 3-5 year olds ready for Preschool leading into PreKindergarten, and then stepping up to Kindergarten. The Preschool is led by the Director along with two licensed teachers and an Instructional Assistant.


Language/Literacy – Little Lions learn to identify letters and isolate beginning sound of words, recite the alphabet and produce rhymes. Books are selected and explored independently.

Math – Concepts of counting, matching, sequencing, sorting, measuring, estimating, comparing height, size, length, identifying objects to show equal to, more than or less than, identifying shapes, colors, patterns, numbers 1-30 and writing numbers 1-10 are incorporated throughout the school year.

Science – Little Lions provides an enriching hands-on approach to science. Young students already explore and discover their worlds on a regular basis. The teacher is there to help guide and answer questions to support that exploration. Basic science concepts like plants, animals, magnets, weather, the human body and kinetic energy are just a few of the concepts covered.

Social Studies – Books, music, flannel board, pictures, and projects activities are used to help our children understand different cultures around the world. They learn to recognize what makes families alike and unique. They learn an appreciation for their community and the roles and services of community workers.

Religion – Little Lions learn to embrace God and all of his creations. The children are taught ways to help take care of this beautiful world and everything that God has given us. They are encouraged to show acts of love and kindness. Bible lessons are taught and are related to the children’s daily lives. Flannel boards, music, art, and books are used to help the children to interact with the concepts being presented.

Technology – Students are exposed to SMART based learning via a STEM SMART Board that includes math, phonics, and early reading concepts.

PE – Hand, eye, foot and body coordination are developed weekly.

Spanish – Spanish is introduced and practiced through enriching cultural stories and songs. Children learn days of the week, numbers, colors, and basic vocabulary through songs and rhymes.

Art – The school’s art teacher comes in weekly to teach art concepts such as color mixing, spatial concepts, and the use of multi-media. The general classroom offers open-ended experiences to support the child’s development in individual expression, problem solving and creativity.

Music – The school’s music teacher comes in every week and inspires music appreciation. Students achieve a basic understanding of notes, scales, rhythms, and beats.

Health and Safety – Earthquake drills and fire drill procedures are practiced monthly. Stranger Danger is taught in an age appropriate manner through children’s books

Social Emotional Development – Our young learners will challenge and try new things. They learn to work and play cooperatively and follow classroom rules and routines. Confidence and Independence is gained.